Bob Gallico talks about 60 Second Theatre
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I created "60-Second Theatre" by cobbling together a plethora of jokes and gags I had collected down through the years, and writing them into the little playlets. The idea of afternoon plays produced by the "Arts and Drama Department" of Radio Nova struck me as appropriately bizarre, and with Tony Allan in his best acting form, it was huge fun. They were produced in what was then Swift Studios, the Nova production studio, with Aidan Sheeran at the helm. Aidan was also the announcer in the guise of Clark McKenzie. I must also credit guest appearances of Steve Gordon, "The Landlord" in "The Alien", and Greg Gaughran and David Casey, along with Tony and myself in "The Castaway".

The 9 episodes were broadcast between 2 and 3 p.m. on Tony Mckenzie's prog and the trailers and the interview with Bruce Webster at other odd times. These last three were the product of my own deranged mind.

One final author's note. The last "60-Second Theatre" piece broadcast was "The Castaways", on the 21st March,1985. 5 days later the following letter was published in the Independent, Herald and Evening Press.

"Today I was listening to "Sixty-Second Theatre" on Radio Nova (21-3-85) The scene took place on a desert island with an Irishman, an Englishman and a Scotsman, marooned on it. Throughout the sketch, the Irishman is continually portrayed as stupid and dumb. Needless to say how the others are portrayed. Radio Nova has increased transmitter output and now broadcasts (illegally?) into the U.K. Mr. Carey already disregarding Irish law now adds insult to injury and disregards Irish feelings in order to show his fellow countrymen what a great fellow he is and that, yes, the Irish really are stupid. All of this is sad but understandable except for two things. Do the Irish working for Radio Nova have any dignity? If the listening public refused to purchase from advertisers on Radio Nova, would these sketches continue?
Co.. Dublin "

I replied to this letter as the alleged author, Brent McMurdo, and to their credit, all three papers published the reply on the 29th March.

"I read with some surprise and not a little sadness a recent letter in your columns from Mr. P.Kinsella, complaining about my play, "The Castaways", presented recently on Radio Nova's "60-Second Theatre". It was described as being insulting to Irish people. I think the references to Mr. Cary in connection with the presentation of my work are ill-considered. Surely it is I who should be the target of the attack, as the author. Perhaps Mr. Kinsella did not hear the performance at an earlier date of my award-winning play, "The Jungle". Had he done so , he must surely be aware that those looking for meaning beneath the surface would quickly label it as violently Anti-British. My formative years were in my native land- Australia. There we all lived happily and harmoniously, side by side by Sydney: Aussie, Pommy, Paddy and Abo. We worked , loved and laughed together. Surely we can do the same in this far-off land.


c/o Radio Nova
Stocking Lane,
Ratharnham 16 "


And there it ended. Now listen and enjoy!

Show No. 1
"All in the mind"
Show No. 2
"One more chance"
may not work currently!
Show No. 3
"The castaways"
may not work currently!
Show No. 4
"Dream goddess"
Show No. 5
"50/50 chance"
Show No. 6
"A matter of time"
Show No. 7
Interview with actor Bruce Webster
Show No. 8
"The alien"
Show No. 9
Promo for "Dearly Beloved"
plus "Dearly beloved"
Show No. 10
"Luck of the draw"
Show No. 11
"The jungle"
Show No. 12
Promo for Star-Chat with Bob Gallico

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