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Songs by Bob Gallico!

I started inflicting my singing? voice on an unsuspecting public during the Brekkie Trekkie in the Herbert Street days.
It began when I decided to sing along with Sting on "Spread a little happiness". It was suggested that the title be changed to "Spread a little misery". People said I had a rich voice - and why didn't I retire it.

The next effort was to destroy Billy Fields "Bad Habits". Aptly named, as some said. But undaunted I produced an original, which finally received favourable reviews - yes- "Busy Line". Peter Skellern, eat your heart out.

Next came a little ode to the pathetic state of Telecome Eireann (Irish telephone service) as it was at the time. "Mr. Telecom Man" in which I had the musical and vocal assistance of Mark Weller, or Mark Costigan as we know him today.

Then came the Nova Funny Bubble Competition during which, courtesy of Terry Willers, John Clarke and myself had our mugs spread around town on billboards. The Andy Warhol bit. And I came up with what is my favourite - The Funny Bubble Song. For this I had the wonderful Tony Allan to share the vocals (and the blame, if it came to that). Other voices heard on this one are John Clarke and Colm Hayes.

The final one started out as an acute embarrassment. During the NRG 103-Nova Power days, the team of "Dublin Today" were asked by Cathedrial Studios in Christchurch to send a volunteer to try out their new system, where the vocals on the record could be eliminated and one could sing along to the backing track. Early Karaoke! I was volunteered.From the list of songs provided, I, for whatever reason, chose Rick Astley's recording of the Nat King Cole hit - "When I Fall In Love". This cringemaking effort duly was aired ib "Dublin Today". It was less Astly - more Ghastly.

And so a few months later, Rick Ghastly was born. With the invaluable aid of Pat Courtenay, I proceeded to send it up, and mercifully, for my sake, this is the version on-line.

So there they are. Listen if you dare. You have been warned.

(Please note, not all the songs mentioned above are available - Ed)

Listen to the songs by clicking on their names

Song #1
"Busy Line"
Song #2
"Mr Telecom Man"
Song #3
"The Funny Bubble Song"
Song #4
"When I Fall In Love"


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