Before Energy 103 - Q102 and another breakfast partnership - this one with Scott Williams. I have very happy memories of the year or so I spent there. , with Scott, Martin Block and company. The original news booth halfway up the stairs - the move to the state-of-the-art studios with the studio door that occasionally wouldn't open - the pioneering Eye-in-the-Sky with Micky Joe - losing money on Pierre Doyle's horses - Hilda and Jan...And it was on the Q Breakfast Show that I created SPQR, now to be heard again on this site.

Concept: Bob Gallico
Script: Bob Gallico
Voices: Bob Gallico, Scott Williams, Martin Block and the Chorus of the Q102 Operatic Society.

Show No. 1
"Lets have a sun dial check now"
Size: 367kb
Show No. 2
"Lets take a look at scroll 3 of The Daily Solas "
Size: 210kb
Show No. 3
"We've got 6 slaves to give away!"
Size: 256kb
Show No. 4
"two chariots colliding head-on.."
Size: 233kb
Show No. 5
"cost concious casius has done it again...perfect for orgies..."
Size: 303kb

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