Starsick was a series played on Energy 103 in 1987. This is a skit on the infamous Star Trek. I give an intro in the first audio segment.

Concept: Pat Courtenay
Writers: Bob Gallico, Pat Courtenay
Actors: Bob Gallico, Pat Courtenay, Finulla Sweeney, and John Sharkey

"The widescreeen wireless player presents..."

Show No. 1
"They're right up our ass!"
Show No. 2
"I'm not a well man"
Show No. 3
"Buy your own drink, you tight-fisted old Scotsman"
Show No. 4
"OK, time for Geography..where the hell are we?"
Show No. 5
"Kim was wearinga floral pink dress. I said "hello Kim"?"

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